Prenatal & Postpartum Support




Birth & Postpartum Doula

Birth/Labor Support  

As a non-medical assistant, I provide mother, partner and baby with informational, physical and emotional support and advocacy. This includes creating your birth plan based on your unique preferences, and guidance with effective labor positions and comfort measures along with continuous encouragement and reassurance. I’ll advise you on what you will most need to advocate for, and help you find your own voice to advocate for yourselves and your baby. During labor, I assist you in establishing a harmonious birth environment at home and/or at the birth center or hospital. I guide you with hands-on comfort measures and upright, active positions throughout your labor and pushing stage, and provide initial skin-to-skin and breastfeeding guidance immediately following birth. Additionally, I offer referrals to other birth professionals such as acupucturists, prenatal massage therapists and lactation consultants, as needed. I believe that all women, with support and encouragement, know how to give birth. As your doula, I  provide experienced, nurturing, judgment-free support.

My service includes:

  • Two 90-minute prenatal meetings The first to discuss your specific birth preferences and create your birth plan, and the second to go over how to stay home as long as possible, when to leave for hospital/birth center, and comfort measures and active, upright birth positions to use as you move through labor and birth.

  • Unlimited phone support

  • 24-7 on-call from 37 to 42 weeks based on your expected due date

  • Labor support during active labor and birth

  • A back-up doula

  • On-call phone support for the week following the birth

Payment in full is required to hold your space, as I take no more than 3 births per month. During early labor I will provide support for you via text/phone, then either at your home or birth site once labor has progressed to the active stage and requires my assistance. In the event of a scheduled induction, I will join you at your place of birth as you arrive to keep you calm, informed and reassured throughout labor and birth.


For up to six weeks postpartum, I provide calming, nurturing support for Mother, Partner and Baby during the delicate transition to familyhood.

My service includes:

  • Basic Breastfeeding Support – Breastfeeding is natural, but there is a learning curve, and a little guidance makes all the difference. If after we’ve covered breastfeeding basics, if a referral to an International Board Certified Lactation Consultant seems like a good idea, I’ll set you up with an experienced IBCLC near to you, who is covered by your insurance.

  • Basic Newborn Care – Expert advice + hands-on guidance  with Diapering, Dressing, Baby-Wearing and Sleeping 101. I’ll help you keep in simple, because when it comes to babies and the stuff they really need, Less is More.

  • Nutrition Consult + Meal Preparation – Seasonal foods to boost Mama’s milk supply and keep the whole family nourished.

  • Referrals to Relevant Postpartum Practitioners – There are many excellent specialists to choose from. I’ll provide your local shortlist.