Prenatal & Postpartum Support

Prenatal Yoga



Prenatal Yoga

Group Classes

Strong Body. Sweet Breath. Sentient Baby.

I believe that a good prenatal class imparts non-judgmental emotional, physical and informational support for the journey through pregnancy and beyond. This means inviting mothers-to-be to connect in a loving and supportive space while strengthening and conditioning their bodies and nourishing themselves and their growing babies in preparation for labor and birth. Beginning with a guided mother-baby meditation, moving through succulent vinyasa flow and wall work, then softening into restorative poses and ending with a blissful savasana, I thread my class with pranayama-for-two and infuse it with just the right amount of dharma to spark curiosity and conversation before or after class.

Private Sessions

Modified for all stages of pregnancy.

A session designed to guide you in strength, presence and spaciousness of body, mind and heart during all stages of pregnancy. Modified vinyasa flow, wall postures, pranayama-for-two, restorative, meditation and a deep mother-baby savasana coalesce to make this a rejuvenating and soothing session for you and your baby