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Hybrid Childbirth Education – Gayle Lemke



Hybrid Childbirth Education


How can you best prepare for birth in New York City? Be willing. Be aspirational. Be insatiably curious.

Essentials & Esoterica for Modern Birth

Knowledge is Power. Whether this is your first baby or your third, you deserve to feel as informed and empowered as possible in every aspect of your labor and birth. If you prefer not to have a doula attend your birth, or simply want a refresher class to update and enhance what you already know, I offer a private 3-hour customized session:

  • Recommended Reading, Listening & Viewing List

  • Create a Birth Plan Based on Your Unique Preferences

  • How to Stay Home in Labor as Long as Possible

  • Active Birth Positions – A Repertoire

  • Navigating Hospital Protocols & Procedures – Advocate for Yourself and Your Baby

  • Pranayama & Partner Massage – Beta-Endorphins & Oxytocin

  • # OffYourBack – The Proactive Pushing Stage–Leverage Gravity and Support Birth Physiology–With or Without an Epidural

  • The Truth About Induction

  • Things You Really Want to Have for Labor and Birth – The Shortlist

  • The First Moments – Welcoming Your Baby

  • Breastfeeding – What to Expect the First Week